Country of Origin

Country of Origin is listed under the price of every product we sell.

COO claims are suggested by the manufactures at the time the items were added to our offerings. This is often simply what is printed on the packaging or product itself. Some products are not marked. They are updated when we are notified of any change. As a retailer we do not guarantee the accuracy of these claims. Our goal here is to sell more USA made products in support of US Manufacturing and the many jobs created as a whole.

MADE IN USA - Tool is mostly if not completely made in the USA including all parts and materials.

Made in USA With Global Materials - Tool is made in the USA but some parts or materials are imported. 

Assembled in the USA - Usually involving a set or complex product. Pieces are brought together in the USA and assembled into the final product.

Any other more specific COO data, if available, is listed in the product details. 

Made in Germany and Made in Japan

Known for extremely high quality tools we have added some German and Japanese tools to our offerings. 

Do we sell anything Made in China or Taiwan? Yes, but very few. We do not seek out these products. The few that we do sell are typically part of a mostly made in USA/DE/JP product line.