Cal Van 4pc Scraper Set Mini Stubby Extended & Folding 52600

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Cal-Van Tools Scraper Set includes the most popular scrapers in one complete set.
The set includes: two mini scrapers (part no. 701), one extended scrapers (part no. 717), one folding scraper (part no. 747).
Part 717- 12-in.(305mm) long, extended reach sticker remover is a must for long sloped windshields.
Also, great as gasket scraper and use on any glass that needs cleaning.
Blade clamp is screw tightened to prevent the blade from popping out.
Part 747- Economical compact scraper is perfect for removing old stickers and paint blotches off windows.
Extends to 7-7/8 in when fully opened and locked into position.
Holder tilts blade to give a better angle for getting into corners.
Blade folds into handle for safe storage.
Part 701-Handy pocket-sized mini-scraper is ideal for detail and body work.
Scrapes stickers labels paint and more.
Reversible blade is easily locked in place with thumbscrew for storage.
Cal Van 4pc Scraper Set Mini/Stubby, Extended, & Folding 52600.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review