Grace USA 5pc Gunsmith Center Hole Holding Roll Spring Pin Starter Punch Set MADE IN USA

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Product Overview

Need Professional Quality Punches That Last? Consider this Grace USA Made 5pc. Specialty Center Hole Roll Spring/Pin Holder Set with specifically selected Sizes for Gunsmiths, Gun Care Professional. Includes a variety of the sizes making this a perfect set.
Note “Center Hole” is the drilled hole size. For example: You will use the 3/32 Point Hole Punch #332RSH with a 3/32” roll pin or spring etc.
High Precision Drilled Center Holes, Quality that simply is not available with imported punches.
Includes Sizes:
- 1/16” (Notched) Center Hole, 4” Overall Length, #232RSH
- 5/64” Center Hole, 4-1/4” Overall Length, #564RSH
- 3/32” Center Hole, 4-1/2” Overall Length, #332RSH
- 1/8" Center Hole, 4-3/4” Overall Length, #432RSH
- 3.5mm Center Hole, 5” Overall Length, #35RSH
- Vinyl resealable case with heavy duty hanging rivet.
- Each punch stamped with size and Grace USA (will not fade)
Uses & Details:
- Holds roll spring/pins so alignment is easily obtained.
- 3.5mm punch used for Sig and other Breech Block Pins.
- 1/16" Punch is notched to clear M1/AR-15 rear sights.
- Hex body to prevent holders from rolling off your work bench.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review