Knipex 3pc Pliers Set Cobra Pliers Wrench TwinGrip 9K0080156US Top Sellers

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Introducing the ultimate pliers set from KNIPEX, the first KNIPEX set that includes the very popular TwinGrip Pliers. Each tool is crafted with the highest quality materials to tackle any project with confidence. Each set includes one (1) each of: Cobra® Water Pump Pliers, Pliers Wrench and TwinGrip Pliers, ensuring that you have the right tool for any job.
87 01 180 - 7 1/4" Cobra® Water Pump Pliers.
Push-button adjustment directly on the workpiece – adjust once and it stays set.
Self-locking means no slipping off the workpiece.
Grips any shaped object – round, square, hex or flat.
86 01 180 - 7 1/4" Pliers Wrench.
Smooth parallel jaws will not round off nuts or bolts, and won’t damage chrome or soft finishes.
Cam joint evenly distributes force to the workpiece for a secure grip that is 10x your strength.
With scale for presetting the opening width apart from the workpiece.
Optimized side jaw with opposing teeth for maximum force.
Easily grip stripped screws and bolts with the front and side gripping areas.
82 01 200 - 8" TwinGrip Pliers.
The only 5 adjustment push-button slip joint pliers in the market.
Box-joint design maximizes stability and longevity.
Reliable gripping of flat workpieces due to the three-point system.
9K 00 80 156 US Knipex 3pc Top Selling Pliers Set.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review