Knipex 5pc Automotive Starter Pliers Set Cobra Cobolt Side Cutter 9K0080108US

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Product Overview

A diverse four pack of the most popular Knipex pliers for Automotive use all in one set.

26 11 200 Knipex 8" Long-Nose Pliers:
-Precision tips: dimensionally stable even when twisted (distortion-tolerant)
-Half-round, long, pointed jaws
-With cutting edges (hardness approx. 61 HRC) for soft, medium-hard and hard wire

74 01 250 Knipex 10" Diagonal Cutters:
-For very tough, continuous use
-20 % less effort required compared to conventional diagonal cutters of the same length.
-With integrated forged joint axle.
-High cutting performance with minimum effort due to optimum co-ordination of the cutting edge angle and transmission ratio
-Precision cutting edges additionally induction hardened (cutting edge hardness approx. 64 HRC), for all sorts of wire including piano wire

87 01 250 Knipex 10" Cobra®, Hightech Water Pump Pliers:
-Push the button for adjustment on the workpiece
-Fine adjustment for optimum adaptation to different sizes of workpieces and a comfortable handle width
-Self-locking on pipes and nuts: no slipping on the workpiece and low handforce required
-Gripping surfaces with special hardened teeth, teeth hardness approx. 61 HRC: high wear resistance and stable gripping
-Box-joint design for high stability due to double guide
-Reliable catching of the hinge bolt: no unintentional shifting
-Jaw Capacity: 2"

71 31 200 High Leverage Mini Cobolt Cutters w Notched Blade
-Precision cutting edges for soft and hard wire as well as piano wire
-Cuts bolts, nails, rivets, etc. up to 5.2 mm dia.
-Most efficient joint design ensures exceptional cutting performance
-Cutting edges additionally induction hardened, cutting edge hardness approx. 64 HRC
-Micro-structured cutting edge allows easy cutting of large cross-sections
-With gripping surface below the joint for gripping and pulling wires
-Chrome vanadium heavy-duty steel, forged, oil-hardened
-Capacity: 6mm

95 11 200 Cable Shears
-For cutting copper and aluminum cables
-Not suitable for steel wire and hard drawn conductors
-Precision ground, hardened blades
-Clean and smooth cut without crushing and deformation
-By dividing the cutting actions into initial cut (insulating sheath in the front cutting area) and final cut (conductor in the back cutting area), cables up to Ø 51/64" (20 mm) can be cut in one-hand operation
-Less effort required due to favorable lever ratio and optimized cutting-edge geometry
-Pinch guard prevents operators´ fingers being pinched
-Adjustable bolted joint, self-locking
-High-grade special tool steel; forged, oil-hardened


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