Knipex Protective Jaw Covers for 8701250 Series 10" Cobra Pliers 3 Pair 8709181

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Knipex Jaw Protectors for 10" Cobra Pliers 87 09 250 V01 (models from 2007 to present).
Smooth plastic protective jaws for KNIPEX Cobra® 87 XX 250.
The protective jaws prevent damage by covering all of the teeth on the tool.
Easily snaps onto gripping jaws and firmly holds in place.
The protective jaws have a smooth gripping surface and do not have any teeth.
Set consists of 3 pairs of plastic protective jaws - 3 upper jaws and 3 lower jaws (protective jaws are marked top and bottom for easy identification).
Pliers Wrench Not Included.
87 09 250 V01 Knipex 3pc Protective Jaws.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review