Lang Battery Service Kit 5pc Terminal Pliers Wrench Brush Spreader Puller 41701

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Product Overview

Battery Terminal Puller:
- Easily remove battery terminal cables, preventing damage to battery posts.
- Jaws fit under cable terminal and center screw pushes down on post to pull terminal up.
- Durable hardened jaws open 1/4" to 1-1/8" to fit most battery terminals.
Nut Pliers:
- Use to easily loosen and tighten nuts on battery terminal clamps.
- Handles are offset for working in confined areas.
- Jaws are serrated for a firm grip.
Terminal Brush:
- Use this durable steel brush to remove corrosion and dirt from battery terminals and cable clamps.
- External brush cleans cable clamps and internal brush cleans terminal posts.
- Rugged steel case has long life.
Terminal Spreader and Cleaner:
- Use to clean corrosion from the clamp.
- Sharp teeth effectively clean corrosion from the clamp.
5/16" x 10mm Extra Long Terminal Wrench:
- Used to remove/install 5/16" side terminals.
- Used to remove/install 10mm battery terminals and hold-down fasteners.
- Socket allows for maximum hold on 10mm terminals and still allows room to access most 5/16" side terminals.
- Extra length (9-3/4") allows for easy access to recessed terminals.
- Vinyl grip insulates and helps prevent arcing.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review