Mayhew 3pc Dominator Pry Bar Set Curved w Hard Hammer Cap 31091 Made in USA

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Ideal for any prying or lifting, our Dominator Economy Pry Bar Sets are tough, dependable, and reliable. These pry bars are heat treated along the entire length of the steel and offer an ergonomically designed, single shot handle.
3 Piece, Curved Blade Style Set.
Sizes: 13", 17", and 24" Pry Bars.
Black oxide finished blade to help prevent rust and reinforce long-lasting toughness.
Capped end allows for striking without damaging the handle and serves as a shock absorber, reducing hand fatigue.
Hardened and tempered alloy steel shaft runs from the cutting edge through the handle to deliver maximum durability and prying power.
Made in the USA.
Mayhew 3pc Dominator Pry Bar Set Curved With Hard Hammer Cap #31091.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review