Megapro Amigo 7-1 Multi Bit Screwdriver Stubby 1/4" Drive Hex Bits Phillips Slot Square Pink FTO

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While Supplies Last from an Authorized Megapro Dealer.
Megapro LIQUIDATION CLEARANCE Amigo Multi-Bit 7-1 Screwdrivers.
Like the original Megapro drivers but smaller stubby version and with an assortment of 6 of the most popular 1/4" hex bit sizes plus 1/4" nut driving shaft.
Bit Sizes:
Phillips: 1, 2
Square/Robertson: 1, 2
Flat/Slot: 3/16 (#4), 1/4 (#6)
Smooth retractable bit storage
Palm Saver Rotating Cap
Wight: 5oz
Stubby Total Length 4-3/4"
New Bulk Stock
Color: White/Pink.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review