Norseman 5/32" Drywall Cutout Bit For Rotozip Rotary Saw Tool 2pc Hi-Moly SP USA

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Product Overview

Use these 5/32 in. Drywall Bits (2-Pack) for a slow, controlled cuts. They are designed to fit into Rotozip cut-out tools. Allows for faster, controlled drywall cut-outs for outlets, window/door openings, and more. Increased durability and performance over original Rotozip bits.

Use with Rotozip spiral cut-out tools
For slow, controlled cuts of outlet boxes in drywall, wood, fiberglass, etc.
5/32 in. shank
Cut material up to 1" thick
Norseman’s Black & Gold Magnum Super Premium Line


(No reviews yet) Write a Review