Wilde 4pc Lock Channel Tongue & Groove Pliers Set Heavy Duty Plier Made in USA

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A set of 4 of the Angled Nose Tongue and Groove Plier Sizes - The Real Deal From The Original Angled Nose Plier Manufacture.
G274P.NP/BL -16” Total Length - Jaw Capacity: 4-3/8" - 111 Groove Positions
G272P.NP/BB -12” Total Length - Jaw Capacity: 2-5/8" - 6 Groove Positions
G271P.NP/BB - 10” Total Length - Jaw Capacity: 1-1/2" - 6 Groove Positions
G270P.NP/BB - 7-5/8” Total Length -Jaw Capacity: 1" - 5 Groove Positions
Pliers AND Screwdriver Made in USA, Pliers made with 100% USA sourced steel.
Angled teeth for a locking grip unlike other brands.
Above average max jaw width, wider handles, thicker steel, and more grooves than many competing brands.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review