Knipex 10" Hose Clamp Cobra Pliers for Click Clamps with Rotating Jaw 8551250C

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Product Overview

To open and close Click clamps
Rotating jaw inserts for the safe actuation of clamps in any position
Good leverage which allows clamps to be opened and closed again comfortably and easily without a great deal of effort
For easy working on fuel hoses, vacuum pipes and suction nozzles and many other applications
Additional function: detach hoses gently using the serrated jaw
Slim head design; narrow head width, rotatable grip inserts: an ideal tool, especially in confined areas
Chrome vanadium electric steel, forged, oil-hardened
85 51 250 C Knipex 10" Cobra®, Hose Clamp Pliers for Click Clamps

Warranty Information

Lifetime Limited Warranty. This warranty applies only to the original end-user that purchased the tool, and does not apply in any way to failures caused by misuse, abuse, alteration, accident, or tools worn out by use. Warranty claims require return of the defective tool, proof of purchase, and confirmation from you that you are the original end-user purchaser of the tool. All shipping and transportation costs are excluded from this warranty.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review