Knipex XS Mini Cobra Pliers Wrench Set 2pc in Belt Pouch 002072V04XS Germany

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The KNIPEX Mini Pliers Set XS combines the gripping power of a Cobra® Pliers and precise functionality of a Pliers Wrench. The tools are recognized for their high-quality construction and durability. Ideal for every day carry, each set comes in a belt pouch and includes one (1) each: Cobra® XS Water Pump Pliers and Pliers Wrench XS.
87 00 100 - 4" Cobra® XS Water Pump Pliers.
Grips like a big tool: The smallest water pump pliers in the world with full functional capability.
One-handed quick adjustment up to 1" gripping capacity.
The slim head provides a firm grip even in tight spaces.
Self-locking on pipes and nuts: no slipping off the workpiece and low hand force required.
86 04 100 - 4" Pliers Wrench XS.
At only 4" this is the smallest fully functioning pliers wrench in the world.
One-handed quick adjustment up to 3/4" gripping capacity.
Both tools have a pinch guard preventing fingers being pinched.
Parallel jaws evenly distribute force for a secure grip.
Excellent for gripping, holding, pressing and bending applications.
Pouch holds both tools and includes fabric cover with hook and loop fastener to keep tools secure inside.
Belt pouch made of durable polyester fabric with sewn-in belt loop to easily slip on belt.
Texturized handles on both tools for a secure grip.
Set Model 00 20 72 V04 XS
86 04 100 Knipex 4" Pliers Wrench, 3/32" Thin Jaw Width, 7/8" Capacity.
87 00 100 Knipex 5" Mini Cobra®, Hightech Water Pump Pliers.


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